Tea Sandwiches


The Nordic
Smoked salmon with mild horseradish
on a pumpernickel triangle with asparagus garnish.
27.00 dz. 

The Garden
Whole wheat moons with crisp watercress,
carrots and sliced cucumbers 22.00 dz.

The Madras
Thin sliced chicken breast with apricot curry spread, garnished
with radicchio, carrot, and grape 23.00 dz.

The Rooster
Rosettes of hand-made egg salad with olive garnish
21.00 dz.

The Prawn
Gulf shrimp with capers, dill and radicchio 28.00 dz.

The Stilton
English Stilton piped on pumpernickel with walnuts and pear 22.00 dz

The Angus
Thinly sliced beef tenderloin on
french baguette with horseradish sauce and red oak leaf 28.00 dz 

The Parma
Prosciutto, honey dijon on whole wheat
with cornichon fan 27.00 dz


The Brie
Soft creamy brie on raisin bread with apple, carrot and cucumber

The Dijon
Poached breast of chicken salad on whole-wheat 

The Firenze
Baguette with roasted pepper, fresh mozzarella and arugula

The Virginia
Thin sliced virginia ham with Emmenthal cheese, baby lettuce and ripe tomato on wheat

The Hickory
Smoked breast of turkey, cranberry mayonnaise, baby lettuce
and tomato on whole-wheat

The Silver Tip
Oven roasted prime beef lightly dressed with green peppercorn sauce
with lettuce and tomato on russian health 

The Ocean
White albacore tuna dressed in a lemon mayonnaise with bits of crunchy
celery and apple on country white bread

The Genoa
Thin sliced Genoa salami accented with provolone, pesto
and arugula on crusty baguette 

All Tea Sandwiches are crustless except when baguettes are used-

Corner Stone will platter 2 dozen sandwiches with doily
for additional $6.00
4 dozen for $8.00

A minimum order of 2 dozen of each type
Please no substitutions

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