The following are popular platters that have been ordered in the past. All are attractively garnished designed to be
ready to serve. (For fully catered affairs please make an appointment)

Middle Eastern Display & Crudite
Seasonal vegetables & assorted flatbreads with roasted artichoke
& garlic dip, red pepper hummus and smoked eggplant ragout.
Serves 25 people $68.00

Fresh Garden Crudite Basket
A colorful assortment of fresh seasonal vegetables in baskets with a choice of lemon herb or curry apricot dip.
Small $35.00 large $55.00

Assorted Fruit & Cheese
Assorted cheeses garnished with fruits & berries
Served with assorted flatbreads .
$58.00 sm / $80.00 lg 20-25 ppl

Lobster Tail Platter
Brazilian 3 oz tails filled with steamed lobster,
tomato, cucumber, & sauce Marie Rose
Small (10 ppl) $130.00 Large (20 ppl) $240.00

Anti-Pasto Platter
A colorful platter of assorted Italian delicacies:
Soppresatta, salami, Proscuitto, fresh mozzarella, provolone
olives, pepperocinni and fire roasted peppers
Serves (20 ppl) $96.00

Roasted Fresh Turkey Breast- (off bone sliced)
With fresh cranberry orange relish
Small (10-12 ppl) $48.00 Large (25 ppl) $88.00

Tapas Platter
Manchego Cheese, Serrano Ham, Chorizo, assorted confetti olives,
marinated artichokes, oven roasted tomatoes, grapes and dried figs
(serves 20-25) $130.00

Marinated Grilled Tenderloin Platter
Served sliced with horseradish cream or BBQ pepper relish
Small (10-12 ppl) $195.00 Large (25 ppl) $280.00

Shrimp Cocktail Platter
Approx. 22per lb with lemon twists & cocktail sauce
Small 2 lb (12 ppl) $52.00 Large 4 lb (25 ppl) $98.00

Smoked Salmon Platter
A whole side of Atlantic Alderword smoked salmon,
curled onto a bed of greens with thinly sliced red onion
rounds, Spanish capers, grated egg and fresh tomato served with
lemon herb sauce $118.00

Deli Style Platter
Virginia ham, Roast turkey breast and silver tip roast beef. Includes sliced swiss & provolone cheeses.
Mayonnaise and whole grain mustard served on side
Small (12 ppl) $56.00 Large (25 ppl) $86.00
OPTIONAL: Condiment Platter with Pickles sliced onion, tomato & lettuce leaves $22.00

Cajun Garlic Roasted Porkloin
Served with grilled pineapple chutney
Serves 15 people $85.00

Tarragon Mustard Roasted Porkloin
Served with grilled pineapple chutney
Serves 15 people $85.00

Sliced Fruit & Berry Platter
small $52.50 -avg 5 lbs large $76.00 -avg 8 lbs

Sun Dried Tomato Ricotta Wreath
Garnished with fresh basil, capers, sundried tomato and roasted cloves of garlic – with assorted flatbreads – serves 20 people-

Sliced Smoked Duck Breast Platter
Hickory smoked duck Breast, sliced & arranged – served with mango & plum chutney
serves 10 people- $125.00

small platter serves 12 -14 people $65.00
large platter serves 22-25 people $108.00
South Western: with fresh cilantro, black bean tomato salsa, garni with roasted peppers
Citrus Curry: with apricot chutney, garni with grilled pineapple
Lemon Dijon: with basil sun dried tomato dressing

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