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Middle Eastern Display & Crudite
Seasonal vegetables & assorted flatbreads with roasted artichoke & garlic dip, red pepper hummus and smoked eggplant ragout.
Serves 25 people $68.00

Fresh Garden Crudite Basket
A colorful assortment of fresh seasonal vegetables in baskets with a choice of lemon herb or curry apricot dip. Small $35.00 large $55.00

Assorted Fruit & Cheese
Assorted cheeses garnished with fruits, berries, spiced nuts and dried fruits. Served with assorted flatbreads .
$58.00 sm / $75.00 lg 20-25 ppl

Lobster Tail Platter
Brazilian 3 oz tails filled with steamed lobster,tomato, cucumber, dill & sauce Marie Rose
Small (10 ppl) $130.00 Large (20 ppl) $240.00

Anti-Pasto Platter
A colorful platter of assorted Italian delicacies: Soppresatta, salami, Proscuitto, fresh mozzarella, provolone olives, pepperocinni and fire roasted peppers
(Serves 20 ppl $96.00

Roasted Fresh Turkey Breast- (off bone sliced)
With fresh cranberry orange relish
Small (10-12 ppl) $48.00 Large (25 ppl) $88.00

Marinated Grilled Beef Tenderloin Platter
Served sliced with horseradish cream or BBQ pepper relish
Small (10-12 ppl) $195.00 Large (25 ppl) $280.00

Tapas Platter
Manchego Cheese, Serrano Ham, Chorizo, assorted confetti olives, marinated artichokes, oven roasted tomatoes, grapes and figs
(serves 20-25) $130.00

Shrimp Cocktail Platter
Approx. 22per lb with lemon twists & cocktail sauce
Small 2 lb (12 ppl) $52.0 Large 4 lb (25 ppl) $98.00

Smoked Salmon Platter
A whole side of Atlantic Alderword smoked salmon, curled onto a bed of greens with thinly sliced red onion rounds, Spanish capers, grated egg and fresh tomato served with
lemon herb sauce $118.00

Deli Style Platter
Honey roasted ham, smoked turkey and silver tip roast beef. Includes sliced swiss & provolone. Mayonnaise and whole grain mustard served on side
Small (12 ppl) $56.00 Large (25 ppl) $86.00
OPTIONAL: Condiment Platter with Pickles sliced onion, tomato & lettuce leaves $20.00

Cajun Garlic Roasted Porkloin
Served with grilled pineapple chutney
Serves 15 people $85.00

Tarragon Mustard Roasted Porkloin
Served with grilled pineapple chutney
Serves 15 people $85.00

Sliced Fruit & Berry Platter
small $52.50 -avg 5 lbs large $78.00 -avg 8 lbs

Sun Dried Tomato Ricotta Wreath
Garnished with fresh basil, capers, sundried tomato and roasted cloves of garlic – with assorted flatbreads – serves 20 people- $48.00

Sliced Smoked Duck Breast Platter
Hickory smoked duck Breast, sliced & arranged – served with mango & pineapple chutney
serves 10 people- $115.00

small platter serves 12 people $60.00
large platter serves 22 people $104.00

South Western
with fresh cilantro, black bean tomato salsa, garni with roasted peppers

Citrus Curry
with apricot chutney, garni with grilled pineapple

Lemon Dijon
with basil sun dried tomato dressing