Pasta Entrees

Pasta Princesse
With asparagus, roasted peppers, scallions & corn in a lemon basil sauce

Tuscan Penne
Shallots, tomatoes and mushrooms, accented with virgin olive oil garnished with Italian parsley and basil

Ticino Penne
A rich country country style tomato herb sauce with mushrooms, onions, Italian sausage, broccoli and a hint of balsamic

Farfalla Firenza
White beans, wilted spinach & sun-dried tomatoes

Penne Pomodoro
A chunky country style tomato sauce with lots of fresh basil

Fussilli Vodka Sauce
Caramelized onion, julienne prosciutto peas in a vodka sauce

Cheese Tortellini
With roasted ratatouille and smoked tomato cream

Ziti Di Piselli
Country Style with plum tomatoes, garlic, pinot grigio, basil, capers, peas, and topped with crumbled chevre.

(4LB MINIMUM $8.75 LB)


Pasta ‘Forestiere” Casserole
with shiitake & cremini mushrooms in a wine & light thyme sauce ( no cream) & rotini noodles – topped with parmesan crisps

Penne Puttanesca
Seared Italian sausage, shallots, capers, tomatoes & green peppers, fresh mozzarella gratin

Southern Pasta Bake
Noodle casserole with roasted sweet potato, bacon, green beans & a little cream
topped with a provolone gratin

Spinach and cheese, Bolognaise or Grilled Vegetable

(APPROX. 6LBS – $48)


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